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    Tino (@BigVRoman)

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    To his cutting-mat co-hosts, Sign Out Boy Tino is an artistic type, which means that he likes pumpkin spice lattes and prescribing far too much meaning to bodies of water. To everyone else, he is a beard-wearing, beer-drinking, gouf-driving, Godzilla-worshipping demi-god. So basically the same thing.

    Tino has been building casually for four years while digging deeper into the lore of the Gundam universe. He is the co-host most likely to re-watch every episode of every series every year. Talk to him about borderlands, or he’ll do it first.
    In his regular life, Tino is a graphic designer, photographer and cartoonist.

    Tino's website is www.bigvroman.com.

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    Joel (@TrueGunpla)

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    Joel is a community guy. He does community things. And for about 4 years he has also been doing model kit things. Joel specializes in hand-painting and dramatic environmental dioramas, with a particular affinity for snow, red lights, and black metal. In that order.

    Joel’s got a neat beard and an encyclopedic knowledge of metal music. In his regular life, Joel is an artist, designer, and helps run Holy Mountain Printing. Ask Joel about the Build Fighters series—they’re a great way to get into the hobby!

    Follow Joel at @TrueGunpla on instagram!

    Joel runs www.truegunpla.com.

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    Bayley (@Kamau_Zeta)

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    Bayley first started building gunpla models nearly 20 years ago, which means he is practically a pile of dust and bones that builds model kits. Bayley also has a dangerous level of knowledge of modeling techniques and has attempted practically all of them. Anyone who talks shop with Bayley walks away with a shopping list and a metric butt-load of knowledge. Bayley also favors Zeta Gundam, which is completely expected and not at all surprising.

    In his regular life, Bayley teaches psychology at an actual real college school. This means he teaches people how to read minds and levitate objects without touching them.

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    Brandon (@Mechagenre)

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    Brandon don’t care not one bit about the type of model kit. Car? Tank? Spaceship? Mini? Mecha? What kind of technique? Airbrush, hand-painted, drink-the-paint-and-swallow-the-kit-only-to-throw-it-up-fully-colored? Whatevs. He’s up for anything. 

    Brandon is an accomplished kit-builder and mini-painter with 17 years of experience building, painting, and customizing miniatures and plastic model kits. In his regular life Brandon is a biomolecular engineer, which is a type of space-wizard.

    Brandon operates www.mechagenre.com.

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